Friday, 22 April 2016

Natural diet for healthy hair

Even if someone doesn't look at someone's visage, hair is an asset that can easily help someone to recognize him. It is a fact in the case of hair style. Long and thick hair is always desired by all of us but the cherry on the cake is the shine of hair. In this article we will talk about the natural diet that gives shine to your hair that can make you more attractive like a magnet.Hair is like other important part of body that require healthy diet, and what else can be better if we provide it with natural diet for its health.There are many natural edible things that are highly rich in the nutritional values and can radiate your hair. Let's begin with some of the things as follow.


Eggs are the abundant source of Zinc, Sulphur, Iron and Selenium.Dullness of hair can be due to the dearth of moisture. And those things that can give moisture to hair can make it look shiny. So egg is the most easily accessible natural thing to make your hair look shining. Even if you are vegetarian, eggs can be used externally that would vanish the  dryness of your hair with its natural trait of moisturizer. Apply the white thick liquid from some of the eggs, as per requirement ,on hair and let the hair damp with the white fluid for around 20 minutes. Wash your hair gently with water of normal temperature. Use of your favorite shampoo can help to vanish the natural odor to the eggs. Now see yourself with gleaming hair.


If Spinach can help Popeye the sailor man to save his Olive , be happy it will surly help your hair as well to get respite from the dull,fragile and drab look.
Spinach is one of the rich sources of Zinc that are not only important but also essential for the lost shine of your hair. Adding the spinach leaves to your diet-plan can give radiance and strength to your dry and week hair. You can intake it by preparing its dish, and not to forget  you can also savor the soup of its leaves. Apart from consuming spinach you can also apply it externally on your hair by making its paste with the help of grinder.       


The most wholesome food that can help your hair to shine like a golden strands, is Omega -3 . Fish is the richest source of Omega-3. Its scarcity in your hair can not only make your hair look uninteresting but also can cause in dwindling of your confidence in some important events and in life as well. Omega -3 gives your hair proper nutrition that many other supplements may fail to provide. The fish can also be consumed in some dish forms but if you have no access to the food of fish , you can also buy some supplement tablets of fish oil to fill the gap.


Yogurt is an edible dairy product that is common in every home. This dairy product has multifarious advantages.Availability of which, we have got throughout a year.It is rich in Vitamin B5 and calcium that can bring a wide smile on your lips when you will find your hair shining like that of film stars . Regular intake of yogurt in the breakfast serve you with two purposes - fit health and lively hair. And if you can apply yogurt on your hair,you will find your hair silky smooth after the wash. A tip that we would like to give you that add half-spoon of mustard oil in five spoon of yogurt. Mix both the ingredients properly and apply it on your hair half an hour prior to your routine bath schedule. After washing  your hair, feel, see,touch and love your hair with its wallet touch.


Water,water and water is the most important thing that we always recommend to all who love their hair very much. The health of your hair largely depends on your  intake of water. 

Around 7 to 10 glasses of water is advisable. Apart form all the incomparable benefits, water is also an antioxidant. Proper intake at regular intervals can also enhance the growth and shine of your hair. Water keeps away all those toxins that can cause many noticeable problems - graying,shedding and dullness. So in order to keep  your hair unscathed, drink sufficient amount of water.   

Author: Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal

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